New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick. Make a New Year’s Regret instead.

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While we often start our year’s with well intentioned hopeful ambitions, those good intentions are quickly consumed by every day life. Various estimates put our new year’s resolutions failure rate at >80%.

A better approach may be to name your regrets from the past year. Humans are pain avoidant creatures and regrets are psychologically painful for us.

Consider what actions/inactions you regret from the last year. Use these regrets to motivate your choices going forward. What might you do to avoid furthering these regrets?

How to make a new year’s regret

  • Identify your genuine regret/s. The greater the regret, the more motivation to avoid it again. …

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Just some end of year predictions for fun. I’m not in charge of Apple’s product roadmap (yet).

Just in time for Christmas, Apple has launched AirPods Max. Max joins its AirPods brethren as the over-ear member of Apple’s wireless headphone family.

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2020 was a juggernaut year for digital transformation. Pandemic driven work from home orders pushed companies all over the world to rapidly adapt to remote work. There is an old saying that a rising tide raises all ships. To an extent this has been true for B2B digital players. Most ships have risen but the rise of the tide has not been evenly distributed.

This disparity of success in a fleeting moment of uncharacteristic corporate agility has highlighted which competitive factors make for strong hulls in the enterprise tech market and which ships are set to sink without serious reinforcement.

The start of December 2020 saw the rumours of Slack’s absorption into the Salesforce Borg become fact. …

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Neobanks are a group of startups that provide banking or banking-like services comparable to those services provided by established banks, with the difference being that neobanks largely deliver their services through an app on your phone. This is in contrast to ‘traditional’ banks which provide their services through a range of channels from physical bank branches, to telephone banking and apps.

Neobanks are a sub-category of fintech (financial technology) startups. Neobanks generally focus in the first instance on on providing services equivalent to a transaction account and/or savings account that you might find offered at a bank.

The name combines the prefix ‘neo’ from the Greek word for new with the word ‘bank’ as the English word for…bank. In essence, neobanks are a group of firms trying to position themselves as a ‘new bank’. …

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After an influx of complaints, the Inspector General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman has investigated the eligibility criteria of the JobKeeper and Cash Flow Boost stimulus measures. Long story short, the Ombudsman thinks the Tax Office may be wrong.

The conflict has arisen due to the ATO’s hard line interpretation of the laws in defining eligibility for the two programmes. This has seen the ATO rely heavily on the Business Activity Statement (BAS) periods of respective businesses to define or decline their eligibility. In practice, this has meant two identical businesses with different BAS reporting periods receive different outcomes.

This stimulus red tape discrimination has been a blow to small businesses, family enterprises, startups and their employees. It has hit a broad range of organisations across every industry that between the 1st of July 2019 and the 12th of March…

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Can an NBN50 plan for $35/month be the real deal? That is the starting price for an NBN50 plan with Tangerine when you use a promotional code (see below).

With the rise of the work from home in 2020, your home internet connection has never had to work harder. Whether you are living alone or have a house full of bandwidth devouring workers, learners, gamers and streamers, your monthly internet bill doesn’t have to break the budget.

Thanks in part to wholesale discounts offered by NBN Co and passed through by some Internet Service Providers (ISPs), it is possible to get monthly NBN offers that are priced equivalent to your previous ADSL Broadband connection — or less with a coupon or promo code. …

It is a dangerous week in the world to be an Australian woman. From the Chinese capital of Beijing to famed gold rush city of Ballarat, Australian women are being arrested and detained by local authorities.


In Beijing, Australian news presenter Cheng Lei has been detained. Ms Cheng is a journalist and best known for her work as a business news anchor for CGTN, an English news channel run by the Chinese Government.

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In a statement on Monday, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Women, Marise Payne, noted “The Australian Government has been informed that an Australian citizen, Ms Cheng Lei, has been detained in China.”. …

Apple really, really wants you to use the Photos app to manage your photos. If you just want to back up your photos to an external drive, there is an easier way.

After floundering in the Apple support site, here is the fast and easy way to backup your iPhone photos to an external drive (without using the Mac native Photos app). No additional software required, just your Mac.

1. Connect your iPhone to a Mac or Macbook

This will require your lightning to USB cable that you use to charge your phone. If you are using a newer Macbook which only offers USB-C as a connection port, you will also require a dongle that can connect between your iPhone’s lighting cable and your Macbook (ie.

Two people duel on a hilltop
Two people duel on a hilltop

When it comes to digital tools, there are many things that remain better done in-person. As a consultant, my professional advice to clients is to keep creative activities like strategy development, ideation and journey mapping as in-person as possible.

The ranking goes:

  1. In-person
  2. Digital
  3. Hybrid

With the pandemonium of 2020, distancing requirements meant option 1 was no longer an option (nor, thankfully, was #3).

There are a lot of digital tools that can be used to bring people together to collaborate on ideas. Your organisation may have a subscription to Microsoft Office365 or Google’s Gsuite, both of which contain tools that can (with a little extra work) be crafted into effective remote facilitated collaboration spaces. …


Mike Stevenson

MD at The Healthy Organisation.

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