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When it comes to digital tools, there are many things that remain better done in-person. As a consultant, my professional advice to clients is to keep creative activities like strategy development, ideation and journey mapping as in-person as possible.

The ranking goes:

  1. In-person
  2. Digital
  3. Hybrid

With the pandemonium of 2020, distancing requirements meant option 1 was no longer an option (nor, thankfully, was #3).

There are a lot of digital tools that can be used to bring people together to collaborate on ideas. Your organisation may have a subscription to Microsoft Office365 or Google’s Gsuite, both of which contain tools…

Victoria wipes out on super swell of vaccine adoption wave.

Victoria’s CVMS Vaccine booking website showing a 502 error

Victoria’s vaccine booking website and phone line have both crashed spectacularly after the State’s Premier announced that all people aged over 16 would be made eligible to receive their recommended vaccine from 7am August 25th. The announcement was made with under 24hrs notice (The Guardian, 24 August 2021).

The Premier made the announcement days after earlier criticising the federal government for bringing forward its eligibility for the same group ( 20 August 2021). The Premier believed the decision by the federal government was the cause of a number of cancellations for AstraZeneca bookings in Victoria.

The Victorian Premier had earlier…

How to hire a hospital grade breast pump after giving birth

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Hire a breast pump at the hospital

If you are looking for a medical grade breast pump in and gave birth at the Royal Melbourne Women’s Hospital or Francis Perry House in Parkville/Carlton, the most convenient place for you to pick up a breast pump may be from the HealthSmart Pharmacy downstairs. It is located in the retail area on level 1 between the Royal Melbourne Women’s Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The HealthSmart Pharmacy itself is a little tight, so you may want to do this before discharge, rather than taking the whole clan on adventures through closely packed shelves. …

70% of professionals say ‘Yes’.

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As we look ahead to a post-pandemic future, many of us are set to wonder what the new future of work will look like. Work from home orders, supported by video-conferencing and digital collaboration tools, have dramatically changed the way we live and work.

Why do people love to work from home?

For some, the preference for Work From Home (WFH) over Work From Work (WFW) has become an expectation, possibly even an entitlement. Lower costs and more time accruing to employees who no longer need to commute have been a bonus, offering a silver lining amidst the storm.

For some, the benefit of Work From Home has…

The Peter Principle has survived for more than half a century.

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What is the Peter principle?

The Peter principle was devised by its namesake, Dr. Lawrence J. Peter. It seeks to explain the mechanic by which organisations accummulate incompetence in seniority by converting previously competent individuals into incompetent individuals.

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

The Peter principle proposes employees in a hierarchy will continue to be promoted until they reach a role for which they are not competent, where they will remain. Over time and at scale, this results in the retention of largely incompetent management and may suggest that longevity in a position is indicative of inability.

How does the Peter principle work?

An MBA Toolkit Essential

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Hanlon’s Razor is a philosophical razor, rather than a physical one (like that one above ☝️). As a philosophical razor, it is a heuristic or principle that allows us to discard (or ‘shave off’) unlikely explanations and instead focus on more likely reasoning.

Hanlon’s Razor

Hanlon’s razor proposes that we are best served by first assuming ignorance or incompetence rather than malice. It states:

“never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”


In ‘Murphy’s Law Book Two: More Reasons Why Things Go Wrong!’ (1980) the razor is credited as a submission by Robert J. Hanlon of Scranton, Pennsylvania.


If we build it, they will stay.

Source: PayPal Newsroom

Buy Now, Pay Later

PayPal has announced it will enter the crowded Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) financial services market. It will offer the industry standard model, allowing users to pay for purchases in 4 instalments.

The move will put PayPal into direct competition with a crowded space full of eager startups (Zip, OpenPay, Klarna, Affirm, Sezzle). Startups who have pretested the willingness of regulators to accept a distinction between BNPL and credit offerings, clearing the way for big tech entry.


Among those startups is Australia’s own AfterPay (ClearPay in the UK). …

How rejections spurred these founders on to greater success.

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Personally or professionally, no one likes to be rejected. Our self esteem takes a hit and we are left to wonder, ‘well, now what?’.

It might be easy to assume that this rejection will inevitably spiral down into further failures and a life of endless misery... The reality is rarely ever quite so grim!

In some cases, rejection has been a catalyst that spurred people on to far greater success. Here are 6 founders who, through entrepreneurship, achieved such success — and were ultimately acquired by the companies that rejected them.

Design Thinking for Business: Dark Design.

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Design thinking is a powerful tool for creating value. When used correctly, design thinking can create new value or ‘increase the size of the pie’ for organisations, their customers, users, employees, community, shareholders and other stakeholders to share in.

Sometimes, however, as design thinkers, we can stray from the straight and narrow path of user-first, human-centred design. In these times, we apply these same skills and techniques that allow us to create solutions for our end user and instead create solutions against our end user. This is dark design.

What is Dark Design?

The purpose of design thinking is to create solutions for our…

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A more private internet experience for the pri-curious Apple user.

At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), the company launched a range of new privacy features. Among these was an enhanced iCloud subscription called iCloud+ (iCloud Plus).

For existing iCloud subscribers, iCloud+ is an automatic upgrade at no additional cost. It includes the same iCloud features and cloud storage plus privacy features like ‘Hide My Email’ and ‘Private Relay’. If you already pay for iCloud and use Apple’s Safari web browser, you will get some cool new features at no extra cost later in the year.

What is Private Relay?

The Private Relay feature will allow users to obscure their internet activity when using…

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